014 - April 7, 2006 (Backtrack)

So in my spare time (between playing KHII and trying toconvince Mike to let me come play hockey with him), i've been pondering this role-ply thing Davey said he's into.

Now it DOESNT mean I wanna participate because thats kinda nerdy. I'm just CURIOUS, thats all.

Turns out he had skipped class with Amy.


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And then there was some shameless flirting with the notorious Kitty.

Man I need to see her in person SOON.

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011 - Asstrad no more

I'm redeeming myself. Slowly yet surely-the time is at hand. The last 52 hours has been a fcucking blur to me now. I barely remember sleeping on the floor outside amy_vanderbilt's door, or the nothing fight with conklin_m. Maybe its all this death talk thats sombered my usual jumpy spirit.

Or maybe its just gas.

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Hey, no one said I don't make a good shoulder to cry on. I'm a pretty understanding guy...I'm here for you. You can talk to me. Its not like I'm going to bleed out of the ears or something.

So this is sort of an open invitation to any1 who wants it. I'm here. Just ask and you can come chill out, escape.

I have a PS2.
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010 - Death

I'm not really sure what to say except WhatTheFuck. A guy we see everyday, anyday, just some normal schmoe, dies.

And what really gets me is that I never even said hi to him. Or asked to borrow a pencil.

I feel worse than I have in the past 48 hours.


I mean...shit. I can't believe he's gone, man.
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009 - William David Prince + Amy Marie Vanderbilt

My night finally had some turn-around. While chatting with kitty_w, some dude with the SN Prince Havok IMed me. Turns out he's in my Geometry class and goes by havok_in_tandem. So I accomplished both being a turnip AND wonderboy all in the same 27 hours.


This Bill Davey is a cool cat, man. He's gots his secrets I gots mines.

Seemed he wanted to talk to my friend amy_vanderbilt, and after much harrassment on his part, she messaged him. So I think both of us were talking to Amy at the sametime, until she got mad. At me!

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Needless to say, I made an attempt to get Amy to open her stupid door and let me talk to her. But NO she shut me out. So me, my box of kleenex, my stuffed dolphin, my blanket, and I settled down outside her dorm room door to wait for her. I figured she'd have to come out and let me apologize SOMETIME, right?

Let's just say I woke up just 10 minutes ago and found that my butt had fallen asleep. So I limped back and now im going to BED.

Fuck class. Fuck shoes. I can't find my shoes anyways. Socks rulz.
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009 - Email

From: "Merrill Hess" <>
To: "Conklin.M" <>
Subject: Hey


Okay so I was a nerd this time, not you. I just got mad @ you cause I thought you and me were tight, like BFF..Best Friends Forever, you know?

Not you and Gypsy Rose Lee.

But thats cool. Im an emo asstard tonight.

We're still buds right?

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008 - Tension + Drama = Merrill is an Asstard


I said some shit.....

MAN. IM SORRY EVERYONE. Merrill is an emo-tart tonight.

And man, I know kennedymichaels tried to talk to me calm like, but of course I blew up @ him too.

Smart Merrill. Very.

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Had a couple GOOD things happen to me tonight, though thank yoda

This chick named KITTY Walker (kitty_w) pinged! me on AIM, and she was pretty cool.

She's a friend of Mike's I should e-mail him.

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